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What is C3

C3 adds a yearly view to your Google Calendar. Colors range from light to dark, depending on how busy you are.
C3 was originally developed during courses in Information Visualization and Interaction Programming at KTH,
The Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, Sweden. Download a full presentation(pdf) about C3

Our motivation

In early 2013 we had an idea to improve the Google Calendar since we had trouble getting a decent
overview to choose our elective courses based on how busy we were in our regular calendar. The result is C3

Lagom Interaction Design (IxD) Team

Angie Skazka • Manfred Micaux • Nicholas Tenhue • Zhenyu Lin • David Pribil

We are a group of Human-Computer Interaction and Design students at EIT ICT Labs Master School.
In addition to improving the relationships between technology and humans we are also passionate
about innovation and entrepreneurship

We currently work from Sweden but we are an international group originally
from Britain, China, Russia, Hungary and Sweden and we speak 10 languages.
If you want to know more about C3 or Lagom IxD, feel free to write us:



We are in early beta. If something looks broken, an older backup version might save you!


C3 is based on the D3.js library by Mike Bostock. D3 is released under BSD license.